Non-Score Modifying Tools Unnecessarily Passed Through Filters; Performance Impact

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Opened by:Formula350
Opened on:Monday, March 23, 2020 - 15:16
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Seems the game engine shouldn't be passing *every* action through the Filters (on puzzles that have them), such as those that have no impact on the scoring.
Offhand examples: Setting Bands, Freezing Objects

Freezing: With "Filters Off" I can shift+double-lick on a segment to freeze the entire structure; "On" and it just freezes then unfreezes that sole segment.
Banding: "Filters Off", I can run the DeepFreeze recipe --which locates Frozen Segments and places a 0-length Band of use-defined Strength (I have one for Str3 and another for Str10)-- and for the 18 frozen segments it only takes around 6 seconds to complete; "Filter On" takes nearly a _minute_! <_>

I'm not sure if there are any other actions that the user can perform that similarly do not physically move the protein or sidechains, maybe "Selecting" in the Selection Interface?
Either way, any action that doesn't modify the score shouldn't be passed through the Filters, which would speed up gameplay by alleviating what we have to do to work-around this. [Note: of course, this all is caused by the well-known problem of Filters causing a huge performance impact due to scrutinizing everything we do; an unfortunate but necessary evil.]
Currently, to freeze a Structure and then its Sidechains, I have to expand the Objectives box, Toggle All filters, shift+dbl-click the freeze what I want, Toggle All filters again, and then Run All. While not a huge deal, it's tedious and time consuming :\

The alternative solution... would be to add yet another Option Wheel choice to "Freeze Sidechains" which would freeze only those which are part of the same structure, similar to the "Freeze Structure" choice.

BONUS ROUND: it would be nice to be able to, when Filters are OFF, be able to click "Run All" to temporarily see our score. (I swear this used to be possible?? I've been on hiatus for a year, though.)

-Formula350 / Clint
[Granted, this is kind of a suggestion, but I feel like Bug fits better overall, plus the ending-note does seem to be a bug]

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Hey Formula350! Thank you for the suggestion--I'll pass this along!


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