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Protein Design Sandbox
Status: Closed


Name: Protein Design Sandbox
Status: Closed
Created: 03/22/2020
Points: 0
Expired: 03/29/2022 - 23:00
Difficulty: Beginner
Description: Experiment with protein design! We've disabled many of the restrictions in normal Science puzzles, so players have access to all protein designs tools, and may insert and delete any number of residues. Foldit scientists do not check the solutions from this puzzle, and playing this puzzle will not affect your global or category rankings.

Two common protein design Objectives are available, but they will not award any bonuses or penalties. The Core Existence Objective checks to see if 30% of residues are buried in the protein core, away from the water surrounding the protein. The Ideal Loops Objective looks for loops with problematic backbone folds. If you build an especially large protein, try disabling these Objectives to improve Foldit's performance.

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About time!

I was wondering when something like this would turn up. Glad to see an unrestricted proving ground for future projects.

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Soap,,,,breaks the faty around the cell ,,,hmmmmm,,,puzzle that,,,just saying,,,try it

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strange wiggle behavior

I don't know what is / I did wrong, but I designed a fold - perfectly fine, but after a while I wiggled, and one part of the protein will start to unfold (the helix is not a helix anymore) and the score goes down instead of up.
I sent the structure to scientists - if you could reproduce that behavior would be interesting! :)

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