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Team India
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Name: Team India
Type: Closed
Formed: 03/22/20
Description: An open-collab. group for those CS/Biotech/Pharma. researchers/engineers from India (pref.), who want to contribute in the field of Drug discovery.


Before we begin:

Q-Why here? Why foldit?:

A-Why not? From a beginner to an expert (in biotech/bioinformatics), everybody gets something to learn and share here. Can be either used as a ground zero or a proving ground (if you're veteran enough). A wonderful community and a platform overall.


To collaboratively contribute in the field of bio-technical research by solving/tackling serious field/community challenges with the help of interdisciplinary computational methods/ simulations and advanced Bioinformatics techniques.-

Current challenge: Contributing in the development of Antiviral binder protein for SARS-CoV-2 aka COVID-19 antiviral solution.

Approach (for both beginners and Veterans.):

(Note: The approach assumes that you have a fair (intermediate↔Expert-level) knowledge of Science/ Advanced Mathematics (Applied and Overall), expertise in S/W or H/W programming and/or experience with working on skunkworks projects (any field) but have no prior knowledge or experience in medical microbiology (These skills will be helpful during later stages).

#Go through basic jargon related to this research (Via and other online resources).
#Understand the basics of the protein folding or 'Folding' in microbiology (overall). **{▬folder}
#Briefly go through the basics of medical microbiology and infections (just enough to understand▬model data, train model and feature engineer the solution (or helpful output)).
#Spend a little time in going through some technical researches related to COVID-19 pandemic (technical papers only).

#Gather as much data (visual, numeric, relational anything) from and other sources (soon a link to the folder will be added here) .
#Create multiple problem statements, data sets, training models for ML/DL.
#Train, test and collect the outputs, inferences, results etc.

#Provide the useful research data, outputs and other helpful resources to the field experts for reviewing.

Available resources (chosen) and accesses apart from
Clara genomics► **{▬cloud}
Genome Analysis Toolkit► **{▬cloud}
COVID-19's Cryo-EM structure (side read)►
Protein structure- prediction,visualization, simulation tools:
(Resources)folder access (
-folder access **{▬folder} to other helpful resources to be added soon.►.
-cloud account **{▬cloud-(PaaS,SaaS)} logins to be added soon.►



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