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After reading about alpha fold it seems like there are good computational ways to approach protein folding. I am very new to fold it and after some research it seems that it has been written in Lua. I was looking play with some ML models with fold it but most of my experience in ML has been with python. There seems to be some kind of connection between pytorch and lua based torch.

I was wondering if anyone had written any code for python to interact with fold it? Also I would love to know if and why this may be a waste of my time?


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Lua for scripting, C++ everything else

Foldit is written mostly in C++. It includes a Lua interface so that players can write their own scripts (also called recipes) in a simpler, more beginner-friendly language. The Lua interface includes only certain functions, and no ability to import other libraries. There is no python interface.

Foldit is an offshoot of a molecular modelling suite called Rosetta, which is used around the world by professional scientists. Rosetta does have a python interface (pyRosetta), if you want to play around with that. It's not a game, though, and there is no way to import work from Rosetta into foldit. Rosetta runs only on unix as far as I know. Learn more at www.rosettacommons.org and www.pyrosetta.org


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