Translation for Portuguese-Brazil (BR)

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I'm offering to help creating a translation for Portuguese Brazilian language. If it's applicable, please let me know. Thanks.

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Thanks for offering to help, socramdm!
Defeating coronavirus (and studying protein
folding and design in general) is an
international problem. The more people
who help, the better.

If you are able to translate into a language
besides English, there are many ways you can help.
One is by working on non-English versions of the
Foldit Wiki. Another is to work on translations
of the Foldit Client. Another is to translate
the Community Rules at:
into other languages. You can also join a Group
that speaks your native language. This can help
non-English speakers learn the game. Finally,
get on Chat or Discord and help new players
who ask questions in languages you know. It
is hard to help people when you rely on
Google Translator to interpret for you.

For the Foldit Wiki, see
Right before "Featured articles" is a
list of translations of the Foldit Wiki.

For the Foldit Client, see and

Thanks again!

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Hi Jeff,

Thanks for instructions. Now I'm translating the Foldit Client, and the translation file are 80% complete. I hope to finish it soon, and inspire people to use, play and help this initiative.



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Hi Socramdm!

Thank you so much for offering support for this! That is incredibly helpful!

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Hi agcohn821! I have finished the translation but when I try to upload (or test the po file), give me an error:

The file uploaded OK.
Your .po file has these errors:
Your .po file has errors. Remove it, fix it and upload again.
sh: 1: msgfmt: not found

I tested locally and the translation file seems ok. But how to upload it to the foldit?


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