Are there non-English translations of Foldit's Community Rules?

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When people in Chat start to misbehave, it
helps to post a link to the Community Rules
This usually works for English-speakers,
but we have many people playing now who
speak other languages. Has anyone translated
the Community Rules into other languages?
If so, what are the links for these


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Good question. I realise that I didn't do it for French. But it's a long long text. I'll do it asap on the wiki.

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This is interesting.

I am curious to know what exactly happened because it was to be translated into particularly French. I suppose there was an incident. That is just for your information.

Overall, I agree. The developers really should do this in order to have a more Global Community in Foldit. (There is still problems with the chat though, for more questions feel free to send me a Private Message please)

I think you should translate this into more languages, especially Spanish, German, Chinese, Italian, and Portuguese. These are the languages with people that I converse with the most, and it is very likely that a rule-breaker who doesn't speak English fluently will likely understand one of these languages.

I have other recommendations of more languages due to other people I have talked with. The languages are Russian, Greek, and Japanese. The languages I have listed in this paragraph are of a smaller priority.

It would also be nice to have the Community Rules in the Foldit application client it is translated along with the other English text data so we don't need to translate anything anymore, especially the FAQs and the About part and the Recipes part too, for non-English speakers who need to use English-made recipes.

Also on a side note, I am concerned about posting the Community Rules link usually working for English-speakers. This word means that this would normally happen, but it doesn't always happen. This sounds a little alarming for the group of ignorant rule-breaking people who would ignore the consequences.

P.P.S. TLike Bruno said, the Community Rules are wayyy too long! It would really help if they were simplified. When I first checked them out myself, even I was confused! I think that you should have a more simplified Foldit Community Rules page, and the last line should be "For more details, click here" and the bolder part would be the link to the original Foldit Community Rules Page.

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Perhaps more important than translating Foldit's
Community Rules would be to translate into languages
besides English the "Terms and Conditions of Use",
"Terms & Conditions", or "Foldit Terms of Service
and Consent" found at the bottom of each player's page.

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Thank you!

Hi there! We appreciate these suggestions and I have brought them to the attention of the team. Thank you again!


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