Save Recipe Output window state and position on quit/crash and restore it after restart.

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When debugging a script, crashes are pretty expectable and running few foldit copies with frequent quiting is typical.
So when foldit is restarted and I want to run my debugged script again, it breaks with error (because it's my buggy script) and prints output in Recipe Output window. The problem is this window is always off after restart. So I have to run a different recipe, press the "show output" button and break executing recipe. And after that, window's position is reseted.

Not sure if it shouldn't be a separated report, but the main foldit window fullscreen position is not restored after restart, so the "Behavior Option" window resets its coordinates too.

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+1 for this

There's nothing more demotivating than losing your best-scoring solution to a crash. Foldit needs some kind of "emergency autosave" feature when a fatal error occurs.

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On Windows machines, the Recipe Output also
goes into a file called scriptlog.default.xml.
You can rename this file for archival purposes.

Does that help?

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After a crash or restart, often you can find
intermediate files made during the latest recipe
runs in Menu -> Open/Share Solutions -> show
quicksaves and autosaves.

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One advantage to using tracks is that the track name is part of the file name where the recipe output is written. I include the puzzle number in my track names, e.g. 1814_track1, 1814_track2, etc. Then if I want to look at script output, the files (which appear in the directory where the game is installed) are named scriptlog.1814_track1.xml, etc. The file will be overwritten next time you start a script in that track, but not by any other clients you may have running on other tracks.

Most scripts save their current best scoring solution in a quicksave slot (many use quicksave 3 for this). Opening the quicksaves as Jeff mentions above (after changing to the track that the script was running in when it crashed) lets you recover that pose.


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