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I'm a new user, running the Linux version.

After the lesson on using the "Clash importance" slider in the "Behavior" menu, the Behavior menu has disappeared from the bottom left of the screen. How to get it back?

After the lesson on right-clicking and using "Tweak" to rotate backbones to move the hydrophobics,
now I'm at the first "Boss level" ("Hydrophobic disaster", "use everything you've learned") but right-clicking on a backbone is no longer bringing up the menu with Tweak on it anymore. In fact right click is having no effect.

I'm confused. You teach us to use a tool and then take that tool away?

Somebody help me understand. Thanks.

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not all the tools appear in all the intro puzzles

It can be confusing, but sometimes the tools introduced in one intro puzzle aren't present in the next one.

The good part of that is the missing tools aren't needed to solve a particular puzzle.

The sequence of the intro puzzles has changed a few times, so that may explain why tools you've already seen disappear on the next puzzle.

The Foldit team is working on updates to the intro puzzles, so we may see some improvements in the not-too-distant future.

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I sure hope they

I sure hope they will.
Because I'm stuck. And they've removed the tools they just trained me to use, but they're also telling me to "use all the skills you've learned"??
Does not bode well for further experiences with this.

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spring training...

The intro puzzles don't award any points, although you do get "achievements" as you work your way through the levels.

Bottom line, the tools you don't see in an intro puzzle are the tools you don't need. So no one will be paralyzed by too many choices.

The wiki has help for each intro puzzle, here's the same list in two different formats for those that like options:



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Yeah, the tutorial needs work.

Hey there! Veteran player here, I had the same gripes about two years ago. They're working on it, but in the meantime just be aware.

You'll almost always have access to the full suite of tools in ranked puzzles. Good luck!

Here's one of my videos if you need help getting up to speed quick! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kRlWpwQg8iU

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Thanks for the feedback

Hi Dr. Scott,

Thank you for pointing this out! We were testing out different orders of presenting the levels, and this bug must have slipped through. We will address it as soon as possible, thanks!


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