Final Boss Level

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I'm stuck on the final boss level; going through beginner puzzles and can't get to 9000 to move on to the next puzzle. Where can I get some help?

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The wiki is a great source for all kinds of info on Foldit. If you can't find what you're looking for or are still stuck, ask in Global Chat.

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my global chat doesn't work - I press "Reconnect" and nothing happens. Also my particular problem with this is specific. The wiki only addresses Foldit in general.

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Beginner's issue / partial resolution

I was miraculously able to complete the level and move onto the next, but wish I knew what I did RIGHT. That way I could use it again. I understand freezing, tweaking, and rubber banding but it seems that constructing the protein is a mystery. I know the hydophobes don't like to be on the outside of the protein and and I can usually achieve a better score by looking at the score change as I manipulate the protein.


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