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OkOkay – I see it has been asked since for since 2011(at least). Anyway, I hope fold it will build a version soon.

Hey :-)
Do we see fold.it on iPad?
It is always with me and (in my view) Windows will be more&more history. My desktop has Linux installed but get be started maybe once a week.

btw. I am new here and waves over :-)

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I installed it on my iMac but

I installed it on my iMac but these days, the people buy more tablets and smartphones. So if you develop the iOS and Android Version, there will be millions of new users.

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It's a tough order

I'm not a developer nor a scientist, and I can't truly speak for them, but development time and upkeep takes manpower that they probably don't have while they juggle teaching/writing papers/applying for grants/etc. Not to kill your enthusiasm, but realistically I don't see this being a thing anytime soon.

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Hi Hyde_Mr and Amirreza_Asadi! Welcome to Foldit and happy folding!


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