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Hi all,

Just joined and am excited to use Foldit.

However... I came here to ask some questions, and usually search first, but can't actually find a Search function here!

Any help appreciated.


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We are moving to a new website very soon

but until then you can search using the search box on the right of the main page:

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Difficult to find the protein folding the game

Hi Annie,

This is Eiton Kogoya. I am in your discovery biology course. I tried to fold,it activities. But, I am having difficulty to the game. SO, I need help to guide me to do this activities. Thanks.

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try the wiki, google with site:fold.it

The Foldit wiki is created by players, and has lots of information on the game.

There's a search box on the fold.it home page and many other pages on the site. The search is actually just a Google search with "site:fold.it" in addition to whatever you type.

That type of search can find a lot of things, but it's certainly not perfect. For example, if you search for a particular puzzle, you may get the desired puzzle page, but you also get lots of links to the pages of players and groups who worked on the puzzle.

There are also some specialized searches, for players, groups, and recipes. The links on each Foldit page get you to those areas, then there's a "Find" box to search within that area. These special searches are a little quirky. We've had lots of players, so searches for common names tend to return a lot of matches, and there's no way to narrow down the list. Group searches return an initial list, and then you have a drop-down with SQL-type modifiers like "starts with" or "ends with" to narrow things down. Recipe searches seem to work the best of the special searches.

Another trick is to Google with "Foldit" as one of the keywords. For example, "Foldit Hydrophobic Disaster" gets you help for one of the tougher intro puzzles.


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