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Hi folders!

I'm Sockrates (that's "sock-ruh-tease"), and I'm a pharmacy student at California Northstate University who played and livestreamed Foldit on Twitch to help me get into said pharmacy school! I'm currently one of the younger veteran folders at the ripe old age of 23, and I'm excited that Foldit's getting a lot of traction with this coronavirus puzzle!

If you need a quick speedrun of the tutorial with live commentary on how to fold, I've got your back! I just streamed a little bit this morning, and the archive is up on Twitch for viewing: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/562292768

If you wanna see more, let me know! I plan on trying to clear space in my schedule to help new folders get into the game and help block coronavirus, and more! In particular, I was really involved at the start of the ongoing Aflatoxin Challenge puzzle, so please feel free to ask me questions!

Find me on the Foldit Discord, or on Twitter as @MrSockrates as well! Happy folding!

Joined: 05/19/2017
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YouTube Mirror

I also made a YouTube mirror, and with my overlay you can still see Twitch chat as it pops up!


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