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(Tue, 03/03/2020 - 23:02  |  4 comments)
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safari will not even open

safari will not even open this address - so mac users cannot join easily

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What version of Safari are you using?

I'm running Version 13.0.5 (14608.5.12) and was able to jump in just now.

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It says the invite is

It says the invite is invalid--perhaps it was set to expire after some time? Very interested in joining the Discord but can't make it work!

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missing image

The image link to "f5uq0NV.png" on now comes back "removed.png".

I guess imgur links expire, which is a good thing, really.

Clicking on the image still works as a Discord invite. On Windows with the Discord client installed, it takes me to the #beginner-info channel, which hasn't been updated for a year. It's probably time to mention dojo mode or something about the new features.

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