"This solution was created by a different group and cannot be loaded."

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ZeroLeak7 can't open my Puzzle 1806 solution despite us being in the same group (Go Science).

When they try to load it, it gives this error:

"This solution was created by a different group and cannot be loaded."

I tried Googling the error but there didn't seem to be any recent instances of it.

I joined the group yesterday, so maybe something isn't updating quickly enough?

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In Discord, people seem to recall there being some kind of restriction where you can't upload solutions to puzzles that are already in progress when you join a new group.

If that's the case:

1. The error message needs to be more clear.

2. The shared solution shouldn't appear in the group solutions list since nobody else can use it.

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LociOiling: wiki sez: "Another restriction on evolver play involves when a player joins a group. Players can't evolve solutions to puzzles that were open when they joined a group. Only puzzles that open after a player joins a group are available to evolve. "

I agree this error message should be more clear.


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