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Residue Count (max +550)
Penalizes extra residues inserted beyond the starting 192, at a cost of 55 points per residue. Players may use up to 202 residues in total.

Core Existence (max +2400)
Ensures that at least 28 percent of residues are buried in the core of the monomer unit.

Ideal Loops (max +500)
Penalizes any loop region that does not match one of the Building Blocks in the Blueprint tool. Use "Auto Structures" to see which regions of your protein count as loops.

SS Design (max +500)
Penalizes all CYS residues. Penalizes GLY, ALA residues in sheets. Penalizes GLY, ALA in helices.

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7 invalid residues in Corona

For info: we are penalized for 7 invalid residues in the Corina protein. This cannot be changed. The SS design max is 150 (not 500).

Maximum total bonus is 3600 (not 3950)

Maximum number of additional segments is 10, with a maximum total bonus of 3050.

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chat and wiki

There's a coronavirus chat on 29 February in US timezones. The chat is arranged by joshmiller, and is happening on the new Foldit Discord server. This is a short notice, impromptu chat to discuss a hot new puzzle. Worst case, it's an opportunity to see what Discord offers.

You'll need a free Discord account to participate, and the chat happens 29 February at noon Eastern standard time, 09:00 Pacific standard time, or 1700 UTC/GMT/Zulu on the Foldit server.

There's also a Coronavirus Spike Protein page on the Foldit wiki, still a work in progress.

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Please record and post the Coronavirus Chat

I won't be able to participate in the Coronavirus Chat on Feb 29. Would it be possible for you to record it and post it online somewhere so I can watch it later? Video, audio, or an all-text transcript would be useful.

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record of chat

Like Jeff, I was out of computer reach for Corona chat. Can we get a link for those of us with time management challenges? It would be handy, and we don't say much ;)

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This is an exciting puzzle.

This is an exciting puzzle. Thanks for allowing us to design proteins targeting the spike protein.
Is it possible for us to share more than 5 designs with the scientist (For instance 8 or 10 designs) ?

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Please Share with Scientists as many times as you would like for this puzzle! We will definitely take a look!

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Can I participate from Android phone

Is this playable on Android phones?

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Foldit runs on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux

Foldit uses lots of computing power, so it's not available on mobile platforms at present.

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Scientists evaluation of results here
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