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Hi guys,

I have problems starting Fold.it online. I get the message: "Error contacting server". Has anyone had the same problem and found a solution? I already tried, changing the settings for the Firewall, but this did not help.

Hoping for help! Thanks already :)

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I see 3 possible reasons:

1- The server on the side of Foldit is down: but in this case, you would not be the only one with this problem. This was not reported recently.
2- There is a problem of connection on your side. This does not seem to be the case, because you was able to post this message.
3- There are proxies and/or limitations to connect to secure sites and other social media from your provider/enterprise.


Try again from an unrestricted wifi or network (private, public, ...). Once you have started the program, it's possible to play off-line, but you'll need to come back to a connected network or wifi if you want your results been credited on the foldit server.

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Great question!

Hi there! This is an interesting question--I'll pass this along.

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Same problem over here

Hey Guys,

I have the same problem on different computers.

any suggestions?

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Server is back up

Hi folks, we had some server issues yesterday, but it should be better now, thanks!

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Is this issue still

Is this issue still ongoing?

I haven't been able to connect neither.

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Ignore network timeouts?

Maybe tick the ‘ignore network timeouts’ box where you put your password in and click play. Networks are straining to keep up with all the people at home watching cat videos :)

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Thanks for your help, but

Thanks for your help, but nothing worked for me :(
Still can't play online...

I already re-installed it, but thats not the solution to this problem.¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Any other ideas?

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i have the same problem

i have the same problem


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