Addition of a date achieved for achievements

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Opened on:Thursday, February 6, 2020 - 02:45
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I feel like having a date achieved for achievements would greatly enhance how the game is experienced, because then people could look back on their milestones and see how far they've come in their protein-folding experience.

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I like this idea, but in the short-term,
you can do it yourself on your user profile:
Just click on "Edit Profile" and then edit
the "Bio" section to change what appears
in your profile's "About Me" section.

Another thing you can do in Windows at least
is to take a screenshot using PrtScr (the
Print Screen key on your keyboard) and then
paste this image into a program like Paint.
Within Paint, you can edit & crop the image
and then save it as a png, jpg, etc file
with a name like MyProfile6feb2020.png.

Also, some web browsers let you print web
pages not just onto paper but also directly
into pdf files.


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