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I watched the recent update video and was wondering if the web devs are open to any contributions to the website upgrade? I'm a professional web developer, primarily working with ERP progressive web apps, but also dabble in SEO and Network/Cyber Security.

Regardless I also wanted to ask if anyone's thought about contacting companies/websites with similar demographics to feature/crosslink the leaderboards to remind people to come back. Or maybe provide push notification subscriptions as well; I loved playing and experimenting with foldit in high school, but never remembered to come back to it until recently.

I'd also like to ask whether the backend is at least using SHA-3 hashes for users' passwords as mentioned in NIST Special Publication 800-63B

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Thanks for your interest, spocklogical! I'll definitely bring this up with the rest of the team, but I suspect it will be more trouble than it's worth to bring in outside help for the website. We'd need to be certain to comply with IRB research regulations, and of course make sure no sensitive data is exposed. Also, I think the bulk of the work is in managing communications with the Foldit client, and unfortunately we can't share the source code of the Foldit client (for both security- and licensing-related reasons).

That's a great idea to coordinate with other organizations in related spaces! There are obviously some other citizen science games that would fit in this category, but otherwise I'm not sure where else to consider... We don't actually have very much data about the Foldit player "demographic." Do you have any suggestions of specific communities or websites that align well with Foldit? (For example, what triggered your recent return to Foldit?)

I'm not sure of the technical details on the new website, but I've pinged jflat06 about your password hashing question—hopefully he can respond with an answer for you!


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