Make Tools to Assign, Idealize, & Identify the Poly-Proline Secondary Structure in Puzzles:

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Opened on:Saturday, December 21, 2019 - 14:41
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In the poly-proline series of puzzles
it would be helpful if there were a 
4th secondary structure (besides 
helix, sheet, and loop) that we could 
assign to the poly-proline regions of 
our structures. This 4th secondary 
structure could be included in the 
Blueprint Tool; in the assign, idealize, 
auto, & reset secondary structure buttons; 
in appropriate LUA commands; in the abego 
color scheme; and in the cartoon rendering 
option. Such tools would help put the 
poly-proline regions in the appropriate 
spot on the Rama Map, for example.
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This is a feature that we are planning to make part of the game!
Currently we are working on a way to tell players which polars are buried in their designs, but a poly-proline idealize tool is another priority. It would be very useful for this puzzle series.

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I don't want to sound like a dampener - but without some sort of inbuilt score for a polyproline helix - why would any player not prefer the helices and sheets we know will score well through bonding?

Some form of 'quasi scoring' might be needed if PP11 helices are to be made a constant feature here. And that would ask questions about how the game works.

Just saying :)


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