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Does someone know how to make rubber bands on an apple computer? I just started playing and i love it but i cannot seem to make any rubber bands on my computer. According to the guide, you should ctrl + click on a band to adjust its length or strength but when i do this, the protein will automatically move and there is no rubber band created, can someone help me with this?

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Some Ideas:

When I manually add bands, I find it easier
to do so while Foldit is wiggling sidechains.

There are also Foldit Recipes for adding bands:

bandsome (https://fold.it/portal/recipe/43861)
bandsomeSS (https://fold.it/portal/recipe/101275)
bandsome2 (https://fold.it/portal/recipe/103181)
Band Copy-Paste 1.5 (https://fold.it/portal/recipe/100369)

and for adjusting bands:

bandsliders2 (https://fold.it/portal/recipe/44316)

I hope this helps!

If you need more help, ask in Global Chat.
Usually someone is online there who will help you.

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I am using an Apple computer

I am using an Apple computer (MacBook air) and shift+drag works for me.


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