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Learning new things to Fold It is forcing this oldster to just look at the puzzles and think "well, maybe next time I'll find something I can work and have fun on."

I'd like to see a calendar of what type of puzzles will be used and when they would be available, then I could just set a reminder for those times, but checking every or every other day is to dramatic for me.


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Thanks for the feedback! This is good to know!

The main reason we can't give advance notice of puzzles is because we don't know the puzzle schedule in advance!

Many times, we construct a puzzle based on results from the previous week! And when we get new ideas, we like to challenge Foldit players as soon as possible. For example, the last Aflatoxin puzzle came together just a couple days after the Siegel Lab proposed their new approach.

However, it makes sense that you'd like to know what's coming, and there might be some cases where we can provide more info about future puzzles. We'll have to think more about how we could do this...


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