Winter Science Chat

Hi everyone!

Just a friendly reminder that our science chat will be happening tomorrow at 12:30 PM PST; 8:30 GMT in #veterans chat. Hope to see you there!

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"tomorrow" is less than a day a away

The science chat is happening 3 December 2019 at 20:30 GMT/UTC, or 12:30 Pacific Standard Time.

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Hey everyone, thanks for attending our Science Chat!

You can find the transcript here:

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Additional topics

I think we answered most of the questions that were posted in advance, but there were a couple more from LociOiling that we didn't get to (about new LUA functions and performance issues).

We answered those in a comment here.

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What is the implementation of

What is the implementation of deep learning in protein structure predictions?

open AI algorithm Mohammed AlQuraishi Predict protein combinations in seconds. will there be news of collaboration in deep learning and protein computing?

Does the rosetta use genetic algorithms, or is it trying to create an optimization model with a more efficient algorithm?

In past RosettŠ° news, it was said that a project can accurately model small peptides, what is the problem in modeling large peptides? - news about rarely comes out, the project should please civil scientists with news) Thank you

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