Foldit Lab Report #3: We Got a Paper

Check out Foldit Lab Report #3 on YouTube now! As always, please leave a comment to let us know what you want to see next time!

- Foldit players have contributed to another scientific paper!
- Check out the blog to learn more.
- Upcoming Science Chat: December 3, 2019

- neilpg628 introduces the poly-proline helix.
- De novo freestyle puzzles challenge you to predict another player's structure.
- Hydrogen bond networks have returned to make symmetric design easier.

- spvincent has created a monstrous hydrogen-bonded trimer.

- About 30 of your designs are being tested at the moment.
- Want to see what making proteins looks like? Let us know!

- We are not changing any player privacy settings.

(Sun, 12/01/2019 - 01:47  |  5 comments)
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Nice to watch !

I like the use of Foldit music.
Congratulation spvincent !!
Yes I would be interested in a video showing how you synthetize a design in the lab.
Thanks for thes great videos ! :)

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tx again for producing the

tx again for producing the video bkoep and am glad that the trimer of mine you showed was interesting: nice to see it up there!

One point about that structure: it scored something like 1200 points less than the highest score on that puzzle. So a structure needn't have to have a super-high score to be interesting scientifically.

(It's s.p.vincent - 4 syllables :-)

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Congratulations spvincent !

Congratulations spvincent ! :)

Thank you for making these videos and yes, please show the sythesis process in a video.

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yes, please

The up vote arrow isn't working, but we'd love to see more on how we inconvenience E. coli and what all those little wikipedia clues in the video mean. (Try "lac e coli" for starters, which is not the title of an aria.)

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Another great update video,

Another great update video, thanks bkoep.
The paper is really good; it shows that how much Foldit community can be creative and contributes significantly to the literature.
By the way, as a molecular biology graduate student, I would like to see how another lab performs such protein synthesis process. :)

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