Developer Preview Release Soon

Hey all,

We're about to release an update to the developer preview with some small fixes and changes.

* Added a function GetSymCount - Return the number of symmetry copies. 0 if there are no copies.
* The AddBetweenSegments function has changed to account for symmetric bands:
- (integer segmentIndex1, integer segmentIndex2, [integer atomIndex1], [integer atomIndex2], [integer symnr2])
- Add a band between the two segments. By default bands to the backbone. Specify an atom number from 0 to structure.GetAtomCount() to band to a different atom. (0 for the default backbone atom) Returns band number. Specify an symnr from 0 to structure.GetSymCount() to band to segmentIndex2 of a symmetric copy. Thanks to Timo for these changes!

* Fixed a problem with the linux version using too new of a glibc, causing it to not work on older machines.
* Fixed various threading issues that may have been causing crashes.

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missing a few things

The new function structure.GetSymCount and the new version of band.AddBetweenSegments seem to be missing.

structure.GetSymCount and new band.AddBetweenSegments missing

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Where are all these functions documented ?

I recall having seen some functions in the Wiki some time ago, but is the Wiki the official place where all functions are documented ?

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the wiki has a complete list

See Foldit Lua Functions for the complete list.

That page is generated from the output of the help() command, and links to detail pages for many of the functions. The list has *not* been updated for the new release yet.

Nothing official about this, I believe tlaloc created the original version of the list.

Foldit Lua Functions List Generation details the process. The current process relies on a couple of standalone Lua programs which are published as Foldit recipes. Since the recipes do their own file I/O, they must be run in Lua outside of Foldit.

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Thank you

Thank you Loci !

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Will structure.GetDistance()

Will structure.GetDistance() be updated too?

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Hotfix 10/29

Hey all, some of the changes didn't make their way into mac/pc because of some version control issues.

The lua functions should be available on all platforms now!

Additionally, the linux version got an update to fix some persistent crashes.

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