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It would be great to see foldit as an mobile-puzzle game in addition to the current version since there are so many players who are engaged into mobile gaming daily, many of which are commonly puzzle games.

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No one from Foldit has replied, so I'll jump in.

First, the game is CPU-intensive, so heat and battery life would be an issue for mobile platforms. (Screen size is also an issue, it might be hard to get a good view on a phone-sized display.)

There have been a lot of similar requests going back a few years, such as asking for a Chromebook version. Google "foldit Chromebook" for a few examples. Probably the best Chromebook suggestion was running remote control software to access the game on another system.

Foldit is mostly in support mode these days, with very little new development. Recent projects have focused on things like a 64-bit client for Mac and upgrading the underlying Rosetta software to improve the quality of the results. A whole new platform seems to be an unlikely project.

The most recent changes have made Foldit less prone to crashing (at least on Windows), but have actually made it *more* CPU-intensive.

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This is such a great idea guys. I can't believe that gamers could actually be of help with this but like me, I think most people use their phones to play games so it is unfortunate that their isn't some way to break it down into smaller sections or something that would allow for us phone gamers to also be able to HELP YOUR SCIENTISTS CURE DISEASES LIKE THE CORONA VIRUS. THE NEED IS NOW UPON US LIKE NEVER BEFORE IN OUR LIFETIMES. BLESS YOU ALL WHO WORK TOGETHER TO HELP PROTECT, CURE & SAVE US. IF EVERYONE WERE LIKE THAT, I IMAGINE THIS WORLD WOULD BE AN EVEN MORE WONDERFUL AND AMAZING PLACE.

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This Feedback and
make me wonder if Rosetta@Home or Folding@Home can run on Android or
Mobile Devices. My sense is that Foldit was once much less interactive,
almost like a screensaver, and would run in the background using a
computer's idle CPU cycles.

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The game is CPU intensive yes, they can however make a more optimized version. What is done in the game can be simplified and made for android devices, The point is that we have so many useless games on mobile phones and those games are basically played for hours upon hours at a time so we might as well play foldit on our phones than these games.
Anyway the game is intensive even on my computer (I own a pretty competent computer with over 8 cores). They could see into making a re-made version in unity or an engine that can do the job. Either way its fine, we can probably stream the game with a streaming service from our computers to our phones but of course having it locally on the device is always better.


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