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So you decide to install or re-install from the web site. Maybe the puzzles are not loading or some other issue. You save all your data and download the app and then when the puzzle tries to load you get a message unused key default-bonus!! What??? Then you realize that during the re-install the usual update procedure did not occur. Whoa? Not to worry. It is only a server issue. So the magnificent men of wiggle some buttons and then all is well. You see the issue was not your computer at all but some defect somewhere in the computer array.

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Yes. Not all computer problems are due to your machine.
Sometimes trying the same thing again later fixes the problem.
Other times, restarting an old Foldit client, updating a Foldit
client, or rebooting your computer will fix your problems.
It is pretty rare when re-installing Foldit is necessary.
As with many things, it helps to be patient and persistent
and ask questions when things act strangely.


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