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Hey all,

We will be having some server downtime later today at 22:00 GMT to switch our hosting provider. The downtime should last for a few hours. During that time, the website will be unavailable and you may not be able to log in on the Foldit client. Chat should remain working.

(Tue, 09/03/2019 - 19:15  |  5 comments)
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no more AWS?

Is Foldit moving off of Amazon Web Services?

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That's right

We're moving to servers that we can maintain ourselves, at UW.

We apologize for the short notice! We normally like to give more notice for server downtime, but with last weekend's sudden spate of AWS problems we decided to go ahead with the move.

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Sorry everyone, the data import took longer than expected. Everything should be working now for current puzzles, so let us know if you see anything behaving strangely. Solutions from older puzzles may not be working quite yet.

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