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I was recently working on the IL-7R Binder Redesign: Round 3 puzzle and encountered an error where my score on the leaderboard showed as 10793, even though my highest was 10620 for a while. I did manage to get 10624 before the error, but haven't been able to recover that score or 10793 using "Restore Very Best".

This is causing my ranking to be quite higher than it should be, so I'm wondering if there's anything that can be done about it? Thank you!

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some things to try

Scoring problems do happen from time. In some cases, you may be able to recover a high score, in other cases, it's more like a true glitch, and is likely gone forever.

The first thing is to make sure you're using the same client. If you have only one client, this is a not an issue. But the game allows you to run multiple clients, and people like me make use of this to work on multiple puzzles at the same time.

You can start Foldit multiple times from the same installation. But on Windows at least, it's easy to simply copy the original installation. So I started with c:\Foldit, and now I have c:\Foldit, c:\Foldit1, c:\Foldit2, and so on. This keeps the scriptlog file and some other things isolated.

If you have this scenario, just make sure you're checking the client from the right directory. It's easy to get confused.

The second thing to check is the track feature. The Tracks button on the Undo menu lets you create tracks, allowing you to have separate solutions to a given puzzle. When you restart a client, it opens the default track, named "default". You need to open the correct track.

(If you don't have c:\Foldit, c:\Foldit2, and the like, using tracks is really important. Tracks keep the scriptlog files created by recipes separate, otherwise each recipe is trying to write to scriptlog.default.xml.)

The third thing to try is to look at Open/Share Solutions, found on the main menu, or control + o. There's a checkbox "show auto and quick saves". Your best solution may be lurking in there. If you don't have multiple installs and don't use tracks, you can try this first. Otherwise, you must be running the right client in the right track.

I don't use tracks, but I do have multiple installs, so sometimes it's hard to tell where the best solution is. Most recipes try to keep working on the best solution. Sometimes, there's a "missed gain", where a recipe failed to notice its own best solution. That means the score showing in the recipe output window may not be accurate.

Missed gains may happen if recipes don't check the score often enough, or due to problems with the automatic "recent best" or "credit best" poses. Checking the score is slow, so recipes try to avoid doing it too often. A recipe might do a series of steps A-B-C, and only check the score again after C. Sometimes A or B will produce a higher score, and C will actually lower the score.

Foldit itself is supposed to automatically save the best-scoring poses, but this can have problems too. So "Restore Credit Best" may not always work.

In some cases, if you continue working on a solution, you'll get back to your best pose. Sometimes all it takes is a small movement to gain a lot of points.

In other cases, there's a true glitch. This has been a problem on puzzles with "objectives" or "filters", like the IL-7R puzzles and design puzzles in general, and particularly affected the "recent best" pose. Sometimes, the Foldit logic seemed to miss a penalty or deduction, so you'd see a "recent best" score that was several hundred points higher than your actual best. If you loaded the spurious pose, you'd find out the real score.

This type of glitch has been as noticeable recently, so I suspect it may have been fixed, but there's always a chance it could happen again. (Also, at least some of the recipes I use now avoid using the recent best feature, so I may not be noticing any ongoing issues.)

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Thank you so much for the

Thank you so much for the detailed advice! I think the error may have been a true glitch (I couldn’t find the high score anywhere), but I’ll try using tracks from now on to avoid future issues. Thanks again!


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