Can I submit a PDB and redesign it using the "foldit"?

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Dear All,

I wonder if it would be possible for me to upload a clashed pdb and re-design it using the "foldit"?

Thank you!

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You should try the "standalone" version of Foldit, which can be licensed for free for non-commercial use! See this link to get started with Foldit Standalone:

Unfortunately, we do not allow players to load PDB structures into the regular "game" version of Foldit. This is to prevent certain forms of "cheating" among Foldit players, and also partly to prevent unlicensed use of Rosetta.

Foldit Standalone allows users to load PDB structures, so you can use the Foldit interface to manipulate or redesign your protein. However, Foldit Standalone does not communicate with the Foldit servers, so you cannot use it to play the Foldit game or compete in Foldit puzzles.

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Thank you! I have now installed the standardalone version. Can I ask if secondary structures could be displayed, as my protein is more than 400 residues?

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Yes, I found the options, I also found the software can export the PDB files. Thanks a lot!


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