Mac 64-bit - Feedback Wanted!

Hey everyone,

We've recently updated the 64-bit Mac client, and we're looking for some feedback!

In particular, we are interested in whether the issues with the previous versions of the 64-bit client are still happening, or whether our new update has managed to fix the issues.

If you are interested in helping out, you can download the 64-bit installer here:

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Initially it appears to be working right.

Other than not loading all.macro (which could be user error - it's been a long time since I copied those over). Just set up a pattern (a dimer) and it's running well so far, 30 minutes in.

Thank you!

Still solid a day later. No weird issues.

(will continue reporting, if I discover anomalies.)

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gui lia script add band not

gui lia script add band not work

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Created a feedback page


toshiue and I have both had crashes trying to load shares from others in the group, usually cross-platform. Vakobo just had a crash trying to load a linux share, he created a bug for that.

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Confirming crashes on shares

both in cross-platform shares and when puzzle has variable numbers of segments. Perhaps client doesn't recognize a load that doesn't match initial number of segments, or client doesn't like a load that has more or less segments than the version prev. saved by the player, or other problem?

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