the mysterious Ashley

Case number:699969-2007830
Opened by:LociOiling
Opened on:Friday, June 14, 2019 - 18:32
Last modified:Thursday, April 22, 2021 - 18:02

The user Ashley was sighted on 13 June 2019 in both #global and #veteran. (All times are US Central Daylight Time, CDT).

Purely by accident, clicking on Ashley's name revealed a "started folding" date of 05/09/08, 9 May 2008, the game's official birthdate.

Ashley's user profile

Despite having started folding 11 years ago, Ashley has never opened a single puzzle or contest, and has no achievements.

Given this lack of any activity, Ashley's appearance in the somewhat exclusive #veteran chat was even more mysterious.

Ashley's puzzling apparition persisted for almost 34 hours, as seen in my IceChat logs:

13 June 2019 (US CDT):
[00:28]* Ashley (Ashley@net-pol.92h.8l7epv.IP) has joined channel #global
[00:28]* Ashley (Ashley@net-pol.92h.8l7epv.IP) has joined channel #veteran

14 June 2019 (US CDT):
[10:06]* Ashley (Ashley@net-pol.92h.8l7epv.IP) Quit (Ping timeout: 181 seconds)

Thanks to Mike Cassidy for pointing out the paradox of Ashley's entry into #veteran.

Making this one a question: what's going on here?

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Michael melted away, but Adam or maybe Adam took his spot. Yep, two Adams (or adams), both with "access denied" profiles. Not sure what their sins were, or how original.

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Adam was atomized when chat broke up under the strain, but Cheryl has stepped in to the smoking wreckage. Cheryl's one of those "you're not authorized" types.

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Who's the girl next door

Folding in the haunted mansion?

You better learn my name

Cuz it's


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Wow, lot of distractions lately, but since Michael, we've had visits from Adam, Cheryl, Ima, Kimberly, Clyde, Phillip, Matthew, Leona, and our current lurker, Terri.

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Hello! I do have several theories on what is going on here, or how or why this is happening. This is just what I wonder, and I shall try to back it up with evidence ASAP. I will try to list them in order of most likely to least likely. This is just meant to provide considerable information or to start a discussion/speculation about how this happened.

Firstly, since these bots can “robotically write” on the chat, they are also likely to “robotically read” the chat as well.
So, I think that these “mysterious players” are recording our chat-log for advertising purposes, planning for something else, or maybe secret Foldit team scientists who are watching our thinking process and covering up and trying to find patterns to put in their studies. They may also be bots logged by spammers to see if anyone posts a SSN or a phone number to spam on.

Now that I am thinking about it, I am so afraid that my account will be deleted if I share my thoughts about these players. If anyone wants to delete me, please just remove the post and just PM me that I am doing something that is not following the experiment. I have read the Terms of Service and the Community Rules, and I an not intending to do bad things. I really like to use Foldit, especially if I am bored due to the coronavirus.

I also think that these may be a string of experiments led by a secret laboratory or government to see the spread of memes(Richard Dawkins’ definition) and information and how others react. They might think that the chat plays a central role in Foldit’s function. These “mysterious players” may also see the feedback, wiki, forums, and recipes, and may see this post too.

As I scrolled in this post, the heightened amount of these “mysterious players” may possibly be due to the coronavirus, with more new unsuspecting Foldit players helping Foldit for the coronavirus. These bots may be there to efficiently record the thoughts of new players or to record the personal information of them to track them or something else.

A less likely answer is that these are from the U.S. government to spy on us to see how we work and do things and to copy and/or mimic our thinking process and intuition Again, please don’t track me in my house and make me disappear from the world! Please I beg mercy don’t!

A less likely answer is also that these are from foreign countries trying to copy us and steal our solutions for their own benefit. Don’t plot against me please I am not trying to be against you! I don’t want to be memory wiped either I need to remember what I need to study for my school tests!

Another less likely answer is that these are from secret societies, or another idealist group trying to spread their ideology or religion. This is very unlikely but possible.

Another less likely answer in my opinion is that they are just trying to record our Foldit-unrelated thoughts, maybe especially my thoughts on AI and other curious things that I will not mention here so the bots won’t see it. (Well the bots will see it anyways but still for just some light preventative measures on my part)

Now I will provide a list of other possibilities to describe any other possibilities that these bots may be for. They will each be described vaguely in 1-3 words if possible 4-17 if necessary. For more details please reply or send a PM.

Aliens, Hackers, Sentient Plants, Sentient Books, Other Sentient Inanimate objects, Lochness Monster, Cicada 3301, Boltzmann Brain(s), Sentient Molecules, Nature Gods and Spirits, Fate and the Universe’s sentience, Sentient Metaphysical Entities, A dortal traveler, a time traveler, someone placing inanimate Foldit players to make us feel weird, materialized Foldit glitches(like things appearing out of quantum fluctuations), Computer mind-controllers, Zombies, AI, possibility that this is all just an illusion played by our minds after seeing a memetic anomaly, Immediate Memory-Wipers/Modifiers, and finally a memory-altering disease/virus on the computer’s/player’s side.

If these “mysterious players” being bots is the case, then there are preventative measures that can be taken by the developers to resolve this problem before the problem materializes itself. For more details, please see . This link links to a Feedback page that describes a probable way to stop bots from being in the forums, and this can be applied to the Foldit client, every time you login. For more details about this subject, please reply or PM me immediately, and I will reply ASAP.

If any of the possibilities listed from “Aliens,” to “player‘s side” is the case, then panic. We have no humane control over that as far as we know.

If it is any of the possibilities in between and including the U.S. government and secret societies, don’t panic, and we do have humane control over that as far as we know.

I do think I have listed all the possibilities. That is a start to answering this question. If anyone has any possibilities not listed on this post, feel free to add on.
Just do remember that I an trying to contribute to answering this problem, not to have fun. I really am serious. It’s just that humans like to ignore and overlook unlikely things, and unlikely things have happened.

Reflecting on myself for watching too many movies and TV shows and the Internet,

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Also, add sentient animals who like to play pranks to the list with the existence of Trigger, no offense intended, just for precautionary measures.
Also, putting this in a separate post is also not intended for emphasis either, I just simply forgot.
To Trigger and any other sentient animals, again no offense intended.
(I am doing this to calm them down and let them know that they are being watched by me if this is actually the case)

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It's been nearly a year or so since I updated the list, but the lurkers have continued to lurk throughout the pandemic.

The average duration of a lurk is way down.

Previously, lurkers remained with us for several days or even weeks. Sherry apparently lurker for over 23 days.

More recently, the longest lurk tops out around 0.633 days, or just under 15 hours, 12 minutes. Roughly 15.2 hours. The exact significance of this number escapes me. No one lurks a full day, or even 0.75 day.

We often have three or more lurkers in day. Some lurkers persist for only a few minutes, others go the full 15.2 hours. Lurkers for the most part join at set time, usually near the top of an hour. Some days, lurkers may join more sporadically.

To be considered a lurker, you must come from a small set of IP addresses, and the name you use must link to a Foldit profile in in-game chat. The name must also be a given name that is common the US. (Or formerly common, I don't think I've ever met a "Floy", but there was a Smokey Robinson song "Floy Joy"....)

Most of the profiles return error messages, indicating the profile was locked or deleted. The number of locked profiles is kind of suspicious, and so is the number of people who apparently registered with just their first names.

The lurker phenomenon exploits a loophole in Foldit in-game chat. From an external IRC client, you can connect to #veteran and #global chat with any name (IRC nickname). You don't have to provide a password. Foldit in-game chat displays these external IRC users. If the IRC nickname matches a Foldit user name, the name in the IRC window becomes a clickable link to the corresponding profile. The match of IRC nickname to Foldit user name is case-insensitive.

So, no passwords have been compromised, but someone (or something) as a list has a very specific list of Foldit user names, apparently matched against common given names. Whoever is lurking can see all messages in #veteran and #global, but it's not clear why anyone is interested enough to go to all this trouble.

Thanks to Ada and Adam, Alice and Alicia, Alisa and Alissa, Andre and Andrew, Carl and Carlos, Carol and Carolyn, Daniel and Danielle, Deborah and Debra, Denise and Dennis, Easter and Esther, Fred and Frederick, Jack and Jackie, Jenifer and Jenniffer, Johnnie and Johnny, Josephina and Josephine, Kim and Kimberly, Larry and Lawrence, Maria and Marie, Nell and Nellie, Pam and Pamela, Paul and Paula, Sara and Sarah, Terri and Terry, and the all rest for keeping up the lurk.

The full list of lurkers includes:

Ada, Adam, Addie, Adriana, Agnes, Agustin, Albert, Alesia, Alexander, Alfred, Alfredo, Alice, Alicia, Alisa, Alison, Alissa, Allen, Amber, Andre, Andrea, Andrew, Angela, Angelo, Anna, Anne, Antonio, Armando, Arnulfo, Art, Ashley, Audrey, Austin, Barbara, Barry, Benjamin, Bernice, Beth, Betty, Beverly, Bill, Blossom, Bobby, Brenda, Brian, Brittany, Bruce, Burton, Caitlin, Cameron, Candelaria, Candy, Carl, Carlos, Carol, Carolyn, Carrie, Casimira, Cesar, Charity, Charles, Cheryl, Chistina, Chris, Christina, Christine, Christopher, Christy, Cindy, Claudia, Clayton, Clifton, Clyde, Colin, Connie, Corey, Cory, Courtney, Craig, Crystal, Curtis, Cynthia, Dan, Daniel, Danielle, Danny, Darlene, Darrin, Darryl, David, Davis, Dawn, Deanna, Deborah, Debra, Delores, Denise, Dennis, Derek, Diane, Dolores, Donald, Donna, Doreen, Dorothy, Douglas, Easter, Eddie, Edna, Edward, Eleanor, Elenora, Eleonora, Eli, Elizabeth, Elsie, Emile, Emilio, Emma, Eric, Erica, Essie, Esther, Ethyl, Eugenie, Evelyn, Everett, Ezra, Fernando, Florence, Floy, Frances, Frank, Frankie, Fred, Frederick, Frieda, Gary, Geneva, George, Georgia, Gerald, Gerardo, Gladys, Gloria, Gwendolyn, Hannah, Harold, Herman, Hester, Howard, Ian, Ima, Irene, Ivan, Jack, Jackie, Jacob, Jacqueline, Jame, James, James^, Jamie, Janelle, Jason, Jayne, Jean, Jeffrey, Jennifer, Jenniffer, Jenny, Jerry, Jessica, Jill, Joan, Joanna, Jodi, John, Johnnie, Johnny, Jorge, Jose, Joseph, Josephina, Josephine, Joshua, Joy, Joyce, Juan, Julia, Juliet, Junita, Justin, Katherine, Kathleen, Kattie, Kerry, Kevin, Kim, Kimberly, Kris, Kurt, Kyle, Lance, Larry, Lauren, Lawrence, Lee, Leeann, Lenora, Leona, Leticia, Lewis, Linda, Lisa, Lloyd, Lois, Lorenzo, Loriann, Lucille, Luis, Lydia, Magdalena, Malcom, Marcelino, Margaret, Margie, Marguerite, Maria, Marie, Marielle, Marilyn, Maritza, Mark, Marlene, Marsha, Martha, Martin, Mary, Maryanne, Matthew, Maureen, Maxine, Meaghan, Melanie, Melinda, Merle, Michael, Miguel, Milton, Miriam, Myra, Nathan, Nathaniel, Neil, Nell, Nellie, Nick, Nicolas, Nina, Ninfa, Norma, Norman, Octavia, Olga, Oliver, Oralia, Pam, Pamela, Patricia, Patrick, Paul, Paula, Pauline, Pearl, Peter, Phillip, Phyllis, Rachel, Randy, Ray, Raymond, Richard, Rita, Robert, Robin, Rochelle, Rodney, Ron, Ronald, Rosa, Rosalee, Rose, Rosemary, Ruby, Rudolph, Ruth, Ryan, Sam, Samantha, Sara, Sarah, Shanta, Shauna, Shawn, Sheila, Sherman, Sherry, Shirley, Stacy, Stanley, Steven, Susan, Suzanne, Tamara, Tamika, Teresa, Terrence, Terri, Terry, Theodore, Thomas, Tia, Tierra, Tiffany, Timothy, Tina, Tisha, Todd, Tom, Tomas, Tony, Twyla, Tyrone, Valerie, Vanessa, Vernon, Veronica, Vickie, Victor, Viola, Virginia, Vivian, Walter, Wanda, Warren, Wayne, Wendy, William, Willie, Wilmer, Wilson, Winford, Winifred, Woodrow, Yvonne, Zola

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I tell is LFB....leave his feet alone and he will go away.

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I tell is LFB....leave his feet alone and he will go away.


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