Q: Is it possible to select a puzzle and track upon starting client ?

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Is it possible to automatically load a puzzle and a track upon starting the client ?

What I would like to do is start a client on the command line and immediately load the puzzle I want by number and also select a track I want to be in.

If possible I would also like to start a script of choice upon loading a puzzle.

What are the current possibilities in this scenario ?
The question is directed at foldit developers, I seek factual answers, not opinions, thanks !

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Sorry for the delayed response! Unfortunately, this is not currently supported. The only way to load a puzzle and select a track is through the Foldit GUI.

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Thank you !
Might it be possible to have the cookbook open in a specific way and the track window active upon starting the clientt ? I do notice settings for that in the options.txt file, but they seemingly do not work as I expected them to.

All these little things save time when working with multiple clients.

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Possible intermediate solution with recipes using the following new Lua commands:

save.LoadSolutionByName(string) Load the highest scoring solution by name
save.SaveSolution(string) Save a solution

in conjunction with


Therewith you can exchange solutions from track to track "on the fly". If "string" is a track name, it's a way to work in parallel with different virtual tracks.

You might write a recipe calling for desired track names, or add these commands within existing recipes.


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