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The basic cookbook's recipes are not working... well mine anyway...

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Please add more detail. How are they not working? Do they do their job? Are they unrunnable? Or does it crash when you click on the basic recipes? Please be more specific so the developers can resolve your issue more efficiently.

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Bands do not appear or work on any of my basic recipes, that is the only ones I use; Well haven't used in a while.

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The basic recipes are all the GUI type. The "by stride" option on many of the GUI commands is not working, as described in the feedback "by stride" in GUI recipes not working.

Some of the GUI recipes may still manage to gain points even though they rely on "by stride", but they probably won't meet their full potential.

As an alternative, there are many Lua recipes which are working correctly.

Unfortunately, there's no way to tell in the recipe list on the website whether a recipe is GUI or Lua. (There's also Lua V1 and Lua V2, just to make things more confusing.)

While most newer recipes are Lua V2, the only way to tell for sure is to look at the recipe in the Foldit recipe editor. GUI recipes are just a list of commands separated by rows of dashes. Lua recipes have a very different appearance, and you'll see things like "if", "for", and "while" and lots of curly braces "{" and "}".

GUI recipes are easy to understand, but are very limited in terms of function as compared to similar Lua recipes. Still, a lot of players like them, and some have indicated there's a performance advantage. (I'm not sure about that.)

This is the second time the GUI recipes have been broken for a long time. Previously, there was a period where the "Restore Recent Best" command was not working. Worse, the command was silently deleted from the recipe at runtime. The problem was resolved after a long while. Players were still left with a mess, having to figure out which recipes were corrupted, and replace them in their cookbooks.


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