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When using my IRC account for chat if I get disconnected and reconnect quickly the server thinks my account is still connected. That changes my nickname to have an underline and unfortunately the underlined nick does not have permissions for the group chat. I was wondering if I am allowed to create an account with the underlined nick and get that one added to my group so I can switch to it while waiting for my IRC account to get timed out? Or is there another fix?

Thanks, orily1337/orilyIRC

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It probably depends on IRC client you're using. With IceChat, in the server settings, under "Main Settings", there are two fields, "Nick", and "Alt. Nick". I have them set to the same value (LociOilingIRC), which I think was to get around the reconnect problem.

Also, under "Extra Settings", there's a "Reconnect Timer", which I have set to 60 seconds.

IceChat has been working pretty well for me with these settings. It usually reconnects automatically when there's some IRC glitch. The in-game chat in Foldit generally doesn't reconnect by itself, you have to click the "Reconnect" button. I think that's on purpose, to allow you to disconnect one Foldit client and connect a different client.


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