1659b Crashes on Normal Client

Case number:699969-2007690
Opened by:DoctorSockrates
Opened on:Saturday, April 13, 2019 - 03:11
Last modified:Monday, April 15, 2019 - 18:28

Hey folks, just dropping off my crash logs and broadcast recording of my 1659b gameplay.

Video: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/410167286

Crash Timestamps: (timestamp taken slightly after crash, hop back about 30 seconds for each)
Crash 1 - 2:14:29
Crash 2 - 2:20:58
Crash 3 - 2:36:49
Crash 4 - 2:51:59
Crash 5 - 2:56:55

Log files will be attached in comments below. Also would appreciate it if you folks came in to watch and chat sometime! I'm trying to schedule my Foldit streams every Friday around 5 PM Pacific.

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Crash log.txt files.

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I will also say that in general this puzzle stretches the limit on Foldit's stability and playability. Recipes and hand-folding measures alike seem to waste a lot of time on sidechain manipulations (namely shake and mutate). Mutate in particular appears to probe all sidechains regardless of whether or not they are mutable, at least if "Pulse while working" is indicative of Mutate's domain. Game framerate seems to be smooth upon relaunching, but quickly starts to tank as more actions are taken.

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I would love to play this puzzle properly - but the truth is, when a single shake at LPW and low CI takes over 10 minutes....it's just not a runner. :(

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I meant to add - why not start this quest with a much smaller active surround? Maybe just 200 legs - 180 0r less would be better. Then see what we get. Work from there. Many more solutions this way perhaps since many more players will feel happy spending time on it.

Just a thought.

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Thanks S0ckrates for the crash logs! Really appreciate the screencast with accompanying log files!

All the feedback is also helpful, and seems to be in line with what we've heard from other players. This puzzle is definitely pushing the limits of Foldit, and I'm sorry for the frustrating gameplay. We're very keen on this project, so hopefully we can figure out a workable puzzle configuration. These are all good suggestions, so I'm optimistic we can improve the next puzzle!


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