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It would be nice if line numbers were added. Error messages give you numbers but to find the line for a large script you need to cut paste it to BBEdit then use its line numbers.

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Agree with the suggestion, but not sure about the priority relative to the other problems.

For a Lua recipe, there's an alternative to cut and paste:

  1. open the recipe in the Foldit recipe editor
  2. click "Save As"
  3. click "Export"
  4. locate the spot where you want to save the recipe
  5. give the saved recipe a name, preferrably including ".lua" as the extension

Now you can open the recipe in your favorite full-function editor, BBEdit or what have you.

On Windows, Notepad++ is free, and has an option to show line numbers. If you used ".lua" in the filename (MyRecipe.lua or the equivalent), Notepad++ highlights Lua keywords and gives the option to collapse or expand multi-line commands like "if...then...end" or "for...end".

This method is a little clunky for just finding one line, but it does give you lots of options.

If you change the recipe, you can bring it back into Foldit using "Load" -> "Import" in the recipe editor, reversing the export process.


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