Strange console output (Linux client)

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Opened by:vakobo
Opened on:Thursday, March 28, 2019 - 20:09
Last modified:Monday, November 4, 2019 - 10:26

I launch Foldit client from console and get from time to time strange output:

(/usr/lib/firefox/firefox:2844): dconf-WARNING **: 19:25:48.086: Unable to open /var/lib/snapd/desktop/dconf/profile/user: Permission denied

[Child 3117, MediaPlayback #2] WARNING: Decoder=7fcdae6e1a00 Decode error: NS_ERROR_DOM_MEDIA_FATAL_ERR (0x806e0005) - RefPtr<mozilla::MozPromise<RefPtr<mozilla::MediaTrackDemuxer::SamplesHolder>, mozilla::MediaResult, true> > mozilla::MediaSourceTrackDemuxer::DoGetSamples(int32_t): manager is detached.: file /build/firefox-daPcGs/firefox-66.0+build3/dom/media/MediaDecoderStateMachine.cpp, line 3331

###!!! [Child][RunMessage] Error: Channel closing: too late to send/recv, messages will be lost

[Parent 2700, Gecko_IOThread] WARNING: pipe error (148): Connection reset by peer: file /build/firefox-daPcGs/firefox-66.0+build3/ipc/chromium/src/chrome/common/, line 357

WARNING: Project undefinded in Viewport::project().

(/usr/lib/firefox/firefox:6022): dconf-WARNING **: 01:12:01.662: Unable to open /var/lib/snapd/desktop/dconf/profile/user: Permission denied

###!!! [Parent][MessageChannel] Error: (msgtype=0x1E0087,name=PBrowser::Msg_Destroy) Closed channel: cannot send/recv

###!!! [Child][MessageChannel] Error: (msgtype=0x350112,name=PContent::Msg_DetachBrowsingContext) Closed channel: cannot send/recv

[Parent 5652, Gecko_IOThread] WARNING: pipe error (215): Connection reset by peer: file /build/firefox-daPcGs/firefox-66.0+build3/ipc/chromium/src/chrome/common/, line 357

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What these debug messages mean?
Should Foldit developers something to do with it?

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looks like all from firefox

To me this looks all like console output from firefox, which is not really related to the foldit client.
I often get some messages which look similar to those above when starting firefox from a terminal emulator.

If you get this output on the terminal emulator where you have the foldit client running, this may be because the foldit client starts the web browser when you click certain links in the game. If firefox is not already running at that point in time, this will probably cause it start up with its console output attached to the terminal the foldit client is running in.

If this theory is correct, there is nothing the foldit developers should do about that.

To the question what those messages mean: I don't really know. I think its just some relatively unimportant debug messages from firefox. If you are really interested in what it means, I guess you probably have to ask some firefox developers. But as I told you, I often get some similar messages from my firefox, and it seems to be fine.


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