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1653: Y1 Receptor virtual screening
Status: Closed


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It is not working.

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this is outstanding! how many

this is outstanding! how many puzzles will be affected by this?

Please let us know - then we can come back later. :)

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Scores for each starting structure:
       overall     ligand / residue 290        
        Foldit     overall      bonding
#        score       score     subscore
1   -16783.163    -13040.9     12.8
2     6715.416     -1304.1      0   
3    -6313.439     -7807.1      0   
4     5291.097     -1999.3      6.6 
5    -2088.165     -5693.3      7.2 
6   -11255.732    -10308.1      2.5 
Joined: 09/20/2011
Groups: Marvin's bunch
I have to say

this is (by admission from FC) a true lab rat puzzle.

I suggest it plays no part in overall scores/ranking

FC - please set this one aside

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