missed opportunities! rewind and snapshot features would be very helpful

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context 1: we are a new player moving through the first 38 puzzles for the first time.
context 2: the first hydrogen bond puzzle, Sheets Together


we were very disappointed to see three hydrogen bonds appear and disappear as we worked on this puzzle.

we might have found a very good solution then, but lost it; we couldn't recreate it.

a playback recorder would have helped, we could have wound it backward to where we had all three bonds.

then, a 'snapshot' feature could let us to return to this condition if we munged it up again.


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The intro puzzles don't have the full Undo menu or the saves that you'll find in the regular puzzles. Still, the Undo function is available, using control-z on Windows and the equivalent on the platforms.

Trying this on Sheets Together, it seems like one continuous click and drag gets undone by one control-z. So if you form three new bonds between the sheets with one drag, undo will clear them. Dragging and releasing, dragging and releasing, lets you undo one-by-one.

Undo comes in handy on the more complicated intros like Hydrophobic Disaster. For a simple puzzle like Sheets Together, reset via Reset Puzzle on the Actions menu or the control-r shortcut is usually a better choice if you get stuck.

Be sure to check out Intro Puzzles on the Foldit wiki, which has tips for each of the intros.


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