Veterans Needed: Show Us Your Skills

Hey veterans,

This is a request for help from anyone interested in the design of Foldit as a game.

As a game scientist, I am trying to understand how Foldit requires particular skills from you as a player, and trains you in those skills. Skills in this sense are discrete, atomic ideas that the player builds up to larger strategies. For background on this, please read Dan Cook's article on the chemistry of game design.

My mission for you, should you choose to accept it, is to design what Foldit's skill "tree" would look like. What are Foldit's atomic skills, and how do they combine to create the larger strategies that difficult puzzles demand of you?

Dan Cook gives an example of a skill tree here, this one about the basics of Tetris. I've also made a small example about the basics of Mario.

You can make your own skill tree using When you've finished drawing your skill tree, please send it to me (joshmiller) in a private message.

Your help in designing this skill tree will be hugely valuable to research on Foldit and citizen science games broadly. Thank you so much for taking the time to help with this project. I am excited to see what you create, and even more excited at the potential that these trees may be used in the future development of Foldit!

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Send your tree by PM to joshmiller
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Updated the post, thanks

Updated the post, thanks Bruno!

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This sounds like fun

(if a lot of work)... what is your timeline to do this? Game design is the reason I looked at foldit in the first place so if I can finish a tree I am in.

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Thanks Actias! I suppose if we were to treat this like another puzzle, that would mean I'd leave this challenge up for about a week (maybe a week from now). But if you need to take more time that's okay too. I'd prefer thorough, well-considered skill trees to rushed submissions.
Thanks again, let me know if you have follow-up questions :)

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