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We are excited to announce a new feature in Foldit: Custom Contests! As you may know, contests have been a feature that allows anyone to host their own private Foldit puzzle, chosen from a limited, pre-selected list. Now, you can make your own custom Foldit puzzle of whatever you choose and host it as a contest. We designed the Custom Contest feature especially for educators, who can now tailor their Foldit puzzles to their exact curriculum. There are plenty of other uses as well, including private contests that research groups can use to brainstorm new ideas, or even Foldit parties!

We just published a paper that can be found here that describes the Custom Contests in depth. If you’re interested in making Custom Contests, please email |at| for access.

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Tools missing in Contest mode

Wondering why the "Blueprint" tool is missing in the contest mode? Made a design contest but there is no blueprint tool in that mode

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Just to check- is that in a

Just to check- is that in a custom contest, or a template contest?

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Blueprint off by default

The default setting is to disable the Blueprint tool (the Blueprint tool is inappropriate for most prediction puzzles).

I believe the existing template contests were set up before the Blueprint tool was released, so those contests will use the default settings (Blueprint disabled). We should update these templates so that the Blueprint tool is enabled!

If you set up a Custom Contest, then you can enable the tool yourself, in the configuration file for your contest.

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Just wondering how it works

1) If anyone proposes a puzzle, would it be opened to all players or limited to registered students? (kept "private")?

2) I suppose that contest proposals can go from a simple sequence to a pre-folded starting point?

3) Will there be an (open) archive of the past contests?

4) It sounds that it's limited to solved puzzles (for education only). Is this to avoid diluting the rare players to external research activities (with the risk of not getting enough results in any puzzle) ?

5) Would it be open to "foldit community" purposes (common learning etc) knowing that an old fixed list gets less attractive over time (tired to solve always the same ones).

6) Is there a way to reactivate some old discarded contest puzzles like e.g.

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I can answer a few of these

I can answer a few of these questions:

1) The idea is that you can have it be as open or closed as you want the puzzle to be. The puzzle admin is in control of who can play the puzzle.

2) I think I might need clarification on this one, but if I understand the question correctly, you can start the custom contest from any folding state you want.

3) In theory, I think one can always find contests titles posted by others even if they don't make it open to the public, but I don't think one can do anything with them unless they are given access by the puzzle admin.

4) The puzzles can be used for any type of puzzle. So in theory, if you wanted to post your own puzzles on interesting new scientific things but didn't want it to go to any and every player, you could do that.

5) and 6) and kind of related to 3) Eventually, I think we want to put together an archive of puzzles that people invent and want to let others use for a variety of purposes, or to reactivate old puzzles in that format. We don't have a timeline for that at the moment, but it's a goal.

Let me know if that answers your questions!

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Registered but have not received an answer

I registered for this, but can still only create the default structures. Is there something else I need to do to activate this ?

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That's all!

Sorry for the delay! You should hear from Seth Cooper shortly, if you haven't already.

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