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360 spin

Some puzzles cannot be turned 360 degrees
This makes them hard to do.
Fix the chat

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Can we have more details about this?

Thanks for letting us know, dbuske.
Is there a feedback about the 360 degrees issue (is there a reproducible case we can use)?

Any specifics about the chat?
We have checked in the fix about being replaced by, for example.


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symmetry puzzle rotation...

Symmetry puzzles are back after a long absence, and rotation is a little odd in symmetry puzzles.

The center of rotation is the center of all the chains. There are always two or more chains in a symmetry puzzle.

When the symmetric chains are far apart, rotation won't seem to be working correctly.

If you're looking at just the main chain (normal colors), rotating can suddenly move it out of view.

There are a couple of ways to fix rotation.

First, if you can't see any part of the protein, try the lowercase "q" shortcut, or the Home key on Windows.

If you *still* can't see anything, try zooming out by shift-clicking and dragging upwards on the background. Eventually one of the chains should come into view, but you may need to shift-click and drag several times if the chains are really far apart.

If you see just one chain on a symmetry puzzle, go to View Options and check "show symmetric chains". If it's already checked, you'll need to zoom out more.

Once you see where the chains are, the simplest fix is to move the chains closer together using the move tool. Clicking on the normally colored main chain gets the move tool in pull mode in the original interface. In the selection interface, there's a icon for the move tool, or the keyboard shortcut "3".

Right-clicking or control-clicking on the crossed arrows of the move tool lets you move the symmetric chains closer together. Again, if the chains are really far apart, you may need to move in stages. Rotating the protein between moves may help with aiming. If the chains were really far apart to start, you can also zoom in between moves.

Even with the chains closer together, rotating can seem a little off. There's another trick for that. If you hover over a segment and hit shift+Q, the focus and center of rotation changes. The segment you hovered on is now zoomed in, and it's the center of rotation. Shift+Q even works for segments in the symmetric chains, not just the main chain.

Shift+Q also changes the near and far visibility. Use lowercase "q" or Home to reset to a more normal view.

See also Visibility on the Foldit wiki.

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Is 4K supported in

Is 4K supported in

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