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Hi. I have a problem, the game freezes at different stages and I have to force quit it. Did anyone have the same problem?
I have windows 10 64bits
Thanx in advance!

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Check out the feedback area, too...

Feedbacks are problem reports, complaints, and suggestions.

Right at the moment, there does seem to be an issue which involves pulling on the protein. I usually get this when I'm trying to rotate the protein, and accidentally pull on it instead. Usually, I'll get the spinning disk and Foldit will crash pretty quickly.

Sometimes in these cases, the game seems to "stick" -- Foldit stops responding to normal keyboard and mouse input, but it's still live as far as Windows is concerned. (It's still talking to Windows, just not talking to *you*.) It seems in these cases that clicking the protein backbone may free it up, and maybe even let you continue without a crash.

If you do run into a crash or hang, take a look a file called log.txt, in c:\Foldit or wherever you installed the game. You may see "UNHANDLED EXCEPTION" near the end, followed by some trackback lines. See the feedback miscellaneous crashes, hard to reproduce for several examples. Feel free to post any additional examples, but I've kind of given up for the time being.

You may also see a debug.txt in the same location. Supposedly, a debug.txt gets uploaded automatically the next time the game starts. Unfortunately, not every unhandled exception generates a debug.txt.

If you're not seeing unhandled exception in log.txt, maybe the problem is elsewhere. I'd suggest rounding up the usual suspects -- checking that your video drivers are up to date, making sure that you have adequate disk space and memory free, and so on.

Worst case, try reinstalling Foldit in a different location, c:\Foldit2 for example.


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