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my name is Pascal Wolfteich my username is Zeroleak7 here is the link to my account https://fold.it/portal/user/389721

I don't receive an email from Foldit to reset the password. I can't login since 2 weeks. How shall we remain? thanks in advanced for the help.

I play now with my IRC Account, but that's not great!

greetings from

Pascal Wolfteich

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There was a hack attack on some accounts about six weeks ago and we were all required to reset our passwords. Also, UW computer services has been having various troubles with access. Here is the link to UW Service Status. I saw that Skippy can't login either, but I'm not having troubles..so the problem is sporadic. Two weeks of no access though must be something different. Perhaps Bruno or Jeff could get into your account and reset the password? If I see anything else that might help, I'll post it here as messaging seems to still work.



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Below is from Nov 2018 and is about resetting Foldit passwords:
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I have my main account back!

update guys.
I have my Account back.
thanks goes to smortier, bkoep and jflat06!!!


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