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The Baker lab have a new paper out in Nature, describing the denovo design of a promising substitute for a natural cancer-fighting protein. The natural protein has toxic properties and is not a good candidate to be given as a medication, so several teams have been trying to develop a subsitute without the toxic properties. Rather than modify the natural protein (which is a bundle of four helices), Silva et al held the binding amino acids constant in space (using Rosetta) and designed a completely new bundle of helices that would present those amino acids in exactly that position to bind the target.

A very nice description of the work in Nature: Designer protein delivers signal of choice

The actual paper (abstract only): De novo design of potent and selective mimics of IL-2 and IL-15 by Silva et al

From UW newsroom: Scientists design protein that prods cancer-fighting T-cells

Article about the company they are spinning off to further develop the protein as a therapeutic: New Seattle startup emerges from UW to develop cancer-fighting protein three decades in the making

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Full Text Available

Full text is available on the Baker Lab's publication page: https://www.bakerlab.org/index.php/publications/


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