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Newbie here working my way through the Intro Puzzles.

for the puzzle Hydrophobic Disaster the only functionality I can use seems to be the 'pull'. I need to create several rubber bands but no options exist to do that.

I checked the YouTube help videos and it clearly shows that bands are created and several beta sheets are frozen, but I can't duplicate any of this.

any assistance appreciated.


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Are your hotkeys working?

The common hotkeys and techniques of the game that you'll need for the maneuvers you described are:

> Rubber banding: Hold Shift + Click and drag away from a segment - Creates a rubber band between that segment and a point in space you drag to, or another segment. There isn't a "rubber banding" button in the menus, this is something that you'll simply need to get used to doing.

> Freezing: Hold Shift + Click a Segment. This will freeze a single segment. Holding Shift and double clicking a secondary structure (e.g a beta-sheet or an alpha-helix) will quickly freeze that entire secondary structure. Also works on sidechains as well as the backbone. A freeze/unfreeze button exists in the menus, but it applies to the entire protein (Hotkey F)

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S0ckrates, I was not using


I was not using the hot keys ! now I know to use them thanks to your post!



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