cis peptide bonds

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Suppose you are trying to solve a protein containing a cis peptide bond.
Fig.3 of (,
attached below, shows how cis peptide bonds differ from trans ones. says that cis peptide
bonds are quite rare compared to trans ones (the trans:cis ratio is
usually about 1000:1, but near prolines it can be 3:1). Which Foldit
tools are most likely to add a cis peptide bond to your solution?
Which Foldit tools are most likely to remove any cis peptide bonds
from your solution?


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For example, will remix, rebuild, wiggle, shake, or idealize
ever add a cis peptide bond to your solution? Can cis bonds
score better than trans bonds in the right environment? Will
any tools (or even wiggle powers like auto, medium, or high)
automatically remove cis bonds from your solution?


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