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New member here.
Have successfully downloaded everything and reviewed some FAQs and a number of WIKI articles, but from the homepage I can not find the intro/beginner puzzles. I see puzzles numbered 1600, etc, but nothing to link me to the Intro Puzzles. thanks, rich

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Find them in-game

Hey there! Little bit of a big post coming, so bear with me here.

So when you launch up the game client you downloaded and installed, after you punch in your login information you should see the first screenshot.

The left button contains the Intro Puzzles, which will walk you through most of the mechanics and tools of the game and show you what the game is capable of. The second screenshot shows what that looks like.

The center button has the Science puzzles (third screenshot), which is where you'll be doing most of your gameplay in. The puzzles you see on the Puzzles page on the website is synchronized with this menu, but since these are the puzzles that veterans usually play for leaderboard points, you're best sticking to the beginner puzzles, which can be made visible by toggling on the option I've circled at the bottom of the third screenshot.

These puzzles are a little more leniently designed and the leaderboards for those puzzles are only open to those who have less than 150 or so global leaderboard ranking points (usually referred to as simply, "global points").
Once the leaderboard period resets for the beginner puzzles, your scores will be recorded and you'll be granted global points.

If you've graduated from the beginner puzzles but still feel like you're struggling, try focusing on getting used to the Revisiting Puzzles in the rotation, and learning about how Recipes (i.e., player-made Lua scripts) can help you refine your scores in addition to Shaking and Wiggling.

Else fails, feel free to message me via Foldit PM's, on Twitter (@MrSockrates) or watch one of my livestreams on Twitch! (https://www.twitch.tv/s0ckrates) I've also got a Discord server (https://discord.gg/gXdD3HP) where you can chat with me if I'm not logged into the in-game IRC chat.

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thanks MrSockrates. After I

thanks MrSockrates. After I log in I dont see the page that you're talking about. I see a page that has the caption, "Click to learn how you contribute to science ...".


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I started over and created a

I started over and created a new account and was able to successfully log on and start the intro puzzles. thanks! rich


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