Really odd Mac OS behavior when foldit is open

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Opened on:Friday, November 23, 2018 - 15:06
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Any media (video or audio) plays weirdly from browser or from apps when the current build of foldit (devprev or main) is open, particularly when a complex (ED, symmetry) puzzle is open. This started happening a few versions of foldit ago (and a few versions of the Mac OS ago as well). Only solution is not to open such sites/apps when playing foldit. This happens on my new Mac and happened on the old one (old was a quad core iMac, new is an 8 core iMac Pro). Updated to latest version of OS yesterday and it still happens.

Anyone else experiencing this?

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I'm going to test by hooking up external DVD player whether it happens when actually playing media from local drive, this might be a clue (if the scrambling is only streamed media, for example)
Update: Found a fix that *appears* to work (at least for now) details at bottom of thread below... adjusting Flash settings in the System Preferences. Need to test it with Symmetry puzzle... ah look we have a new one, will report back when I've tested.

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Also doing some other troubleshooting (disconnecting an external drive to be sure something isn't happening there to cause this)

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Happens for all media... cd doing the same thing (skipping forward through the CD). Stops instantly when I quit all foldit clients.

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Adding foldit to the Flash Player Peer-assisted Networking sites (in system preferences, Flash Player) seems to have solved the issue.

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nope - no issues - get a smaller machine :)


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