Contest using seal myoglobin isn't scoring

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I assigned the seal myoglobin fold for my class, but it isn't showing any score for anyone (including myself) when I work on it. I'm not sure what the problem is. Thanks.

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Which contest?

I'm seeing some scores for this one that's based on seal myoglobin -

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Based on a question from AHOWARD5 in global chat, I created my own seal myoglobin contest.

I can play it, but the group and player lists in the Foldit client are remaining empty, with "getting group list..." and "getting player list..." messages. This sometimes happens with new puzzles, but eventually, the Foldit server gets caught up and you start seeing scores.

The contest page on is still showing results, but if the client score boxes are still blank
for your seal myoglobin contest, it's likely that something is wrong on the server. (Chances are that it's specific to contests.) I've changed the topic to "server" and the type to "bug" to go along with that notion.

AHOWARD5 also opened a Pandora's box of issues. See seal myoglobin on the wiki for a complete list, and a few highlights below.

Seal Myoglobin is a multistart puzzle, with 8 different starting solutions generated by structure prediction servers. You can try the different models using Reset Protein (control + r) to cycle through them.

The puzzle also allows use of the alignment tool, available via Show Alignment in the actions menu. The alignment tool allows you to mix and match, applying one model to part of the protein, and a different model to another part.

As far as I can tell, the protein in this contest is not seal-related, but comes from Ruminococcus gnavus, a bacterium. The recipe AA Edit 2.0 can be used to grab the primary structure (amino acid sequence), which can be then used to search the PDB. (There's also print protein 2.8 if you want way more protein info.)

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There is actually a separate contest template for T0743, which is the same as the "seal myoglobin" template.

I opened a new feedback for this issue:

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Sorry for the delay! jflat06 has found and fixed the issue. The client scoreboards should now sync normally with the website.


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